APORDE features leading international and African economist to lead discussions and share their views on economic development and industrialisation. The names of the lecturers for APORDE 2022 will be announced soon.

Previous lecturers included:

  • Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge University)
  • Adeyemi Dipeolu


The African Programme on Rethinking Development Economics (APORDE) was started in 2007 and is a high-level training programme in development economics aimed at building capacity in the South, particularly in Africa. APORDE’s aim is to train policymakers, researchers, academics and …

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Speakers: Christopher Cramer and Nicolas Pons-Vignon Lecture topic: Critical perspectives on development economics

Speaker: Rashmi Banga Lecture topic: South-South digital cooperation for industrialisation and regional integration

Speaker: Ha-Joon Chang Lecture topic: Bringing production back into development: The …

Rural Poverty

Rural poverty refers to poverty found in rural areas, including factors of rural society, rural economy, and rural political systems that give rise to the poverty found there.…


is  the development of financial capitalism during the period from 1980 until 2010, in which debt-to-equity ratios increased and financial services accounted for an increasing share of national income relative to other sectors.…


the study of how people use resources and respond to incentives, or the study of decision-making. It often involves topics like wealth and finance, but it’s not all about money.…

Industrial Policy

The industrial policy of a country, sometimes denoted IP, is its official strategic effort to encourage the development and growth of part or all of the manufacturing sector as well as other sectors of the economy…