About Aporde

APORDE was created in 2007 at the initiative of Nicolas Pons-Vignon (then at IFAS, now at Wits University) and Nimord Zalk (the dti). Nicolas went on to act as Course director for the first 7 APORDE, before joining the Scientific Committee. IFAS and AFD acted as key partners during the APORDE set-up and consolidation phase, before the IDC took over the programme’s organising.

The African Programme on Rethinking Development Economics (APORDE) is a high-level training programme in development economics aimed at building capacity in the South, particularly in Africa. APORDE’s aim is to train policy-makers, researchers, academics and civil society representatives from Africa and other developing countries APORDE 2018 was the 12th edition of the programme. APORDE is a joint initiative between the South African department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). APORDE originated from a concept of Dr Nimrod Zalk (the dti) and Dr Nicolas Pons-Vignon (University of Witwatersrand) which emanated from the need to stimulate training in development theory and policy that is critical of the mainstream orthodox approach. The dti provides most of the funding while IDC provides some funding and is the implementing partner.

The APORDE scientific committee which is in charge of the academic rigor of the programme is composed of Prof. Christopher Cramer (University of London, SOAS), Dr. Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge University), Dr Nicolas Pons-Vignon (University of Witwatersrand) and Prof Fiona Tregenna (University of Johannesburg).

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