Seminar 1

Green industrialisation in Africa: Challenges and opportunities

Speakers: Lindsay Whitfield, Antonio Andreoni

Seminar 2

Alice Amsden Memorial Lecture

Alice Amsden was a leading thinker on industrial policy and an expert in economic development. The 2022 Annual Alice Amsden Memorial Lecture is given by development economist Jayati Ghosh.

Seminar 3

Digital Trade and Industrial Policy

Speakers: Xavier Carim, Rashmi Banga Antonio Andreoni and chaired by Pamela Mondliwa.

Seminar 4

Tax avoidance and industrial policy implications

Speakers: Jonathan di John (SOAS), Nishal Robb (TIPS), Adeyemi Dipeolu (Govt of Nigeria). Chaired by Dr Tebogo Makube (the dtic; TIPS Board).

Seminar 5

Thandika Mkandawire Prize winners’ presentations

Speakers: Eyob Balcha Gebremariam (recipient of the 2022 Thandika Mkandawire Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in African Political Economy and Economic Development); Ayabonga Cawe (recipient of the 2022 the Thandika Mkandawire Prize for Young Scholars in African Political Economy and Economic Development